Highlight Navigation

If you want to include a “You are Here” feature in your navigation, the tutorial below is a great place to start. This allows you to incorporate a script that highlights the button on the navigation bar that indicates which section of the site you’re in:


Breadcrumb Navigation



Domain Names

In the Internet, a part of a naming hierarchy consisting of a sequence of words, letters or numbers, separated by periods (dots) that corresponds to the network number in the IP address (the numbered address that identifies your website on the server).

  1. .com – the classic AND most commonly searched TLD for any site in the world; most browsers default to assume a domain is .com, unless you type otherwise. Particular names can be scarce or hard to come by.
  2. .us, .co.uk, .ca, .de, .fr or whatever your local country TLD is, if your target audience is country based. A country TLD is a great way to target those people living in a particular country, but not good if you’re reaching out for a global audience.
  3. .biz (for business sites), .info (for informational sites), .org (for nonprofit sites). These TLDs often have much greater domain name availability than that of .com. Unfortunately, an increase in spammers using .biz and .info domains has sullied their value.
  4. .net (for anything Internet-related), .tv and .fm for television and radio sites (tv is actually the country TLD for Tuvalu, fm for the Federated States of Micronesia). Best to avoid these TLDs if your site isn’t industry specific

Network Solutions



In week 9 of web design I learned the following…..


  • Five Principles to Design – Good design is much more than making something look pretty, it’s all about problem solving.

Stock Photographs

Most websites will require some sort of photography or imagery when taking the design into consideration.


What I have Learned in week 11 of web design…..

Designing for Search Engines 

The following sites are well known in the industry and have additional information on designing for Search Engines:


What I have learned in week 8 of web design.

Navigation: Consistency and Methods

Navigation on the web is addressed in many ways; the main thing to remember: consistency must be maintained, in order for users to have a successful visit. The following items should be considered when designing a navigational scheme:

  • placement: navigation should be consistent;
  • design: look/feel of navigation should be consistent;
  • readability: navigation should be easy to ready, and obvious;
  • direction: navigation directs your user to the most important areas of the site;
  • hierarchy: secondary, or less important nav, should be muted, or available in hidden areas (ie, dropdown menus).

Navigation methods:

  • images: buttons or graphics are used to direct users to particular pages of the site;
  • rollovers are often created to indicate the image is linked and adds interactivity to a page;
  • text links: text links are organized or customized with stylesheets, to be used in place of images;
  • accessibility is important, text links are more accessible than graphic links;
  • dynamic (or dropdown menus) are implemented to allow for one-click access to interior sub-page content

Footer links, or links to the main sections in the footer of the page, are essential, for search engine rankings as well as usability. text links, are the only way search engines can easily find your interior pages.

Examples of Traditional Navigation Styles

News / Column based navigation with many text links: this style of navigation borrows from the traditional newspaper column design, with rows of narrow type, and navigation that often spans across the top and down the sides of pages.

-I also learned how to create wire frame as well as Creating Aesthetic Elements.

-I learned the basics of the dreamweaver interface.


What I learned in week 6 of web design HTML.

– Learning how to use got size and weight

-text color

-text alignment

-margin padding

I had to also fix a few thing on my HTML page and my style tile.

such as,

  • include hex and font information in small text under each headline and body text
  • Buttons need to be more readable
  • Reduce color chips and have them all in one line